Sunday, November 09, 2008

A new day for the U.S. of A

Hey - that rimes!

... Which is good because I want to share with you the latest brilliant music video from, "It's A New Day". See for yourself (embedded below):

As you may have heard, has earlier released two powerful songs (as online music videos) related to the Obama campaign: Yes We Can and We Are the Ones.

Both music videos were released on, an interesting online video service that promotes promising musicians and that has an interesting political advocacy twist -- at least after these releases.

I feel so profoundly good watching and listening to's lates piece. And reflecting on the things that have happened in the last half a year. And regardless of how things will turn out, I think that this country has so deserved this current over "hype", which is not about supremacy but about hope.

... Véase también: Podemos con Obama (un otro vídeo de música brillante ... tjsp).

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