Monday, March 30, 2009

Connecting online & spheres of intimacy

The questions of how, through which services and with whom to connect online are in many people's minds. The social media scene is developing rapidly and the social norms within it are still in their earlyish stages of development.

Here's a reply I sent to a friend of a friend (whom I've never met to my knowledge .. pardon my bad memory if I have!) that explains my thoughts on the issue for my part:

I appreciate your friend request. The web is such a wonderful enabler for serendipitous connections - which often prove to be immensely valuable! I find it quite interesting to see & follow how the social media scene is in a turbulent phase of development, how practices to use different tools are evolving continuously and quite rapidly - and how different people use different tools and services so .. well, differently. As for me and connecting with people online: While I like to establish connections with new interesting people in many services I use -- I think that that's really the only way to allow the power of serendipity (The Long Tail, really) to kick in -- I realize that Facebook for me is essentially a place to foster connections I've created elsewhere (in the physical world, other social media services, FB groups, etc). For me it's a question of privacy and different spheres if intimacy. But as said, I'm always open to connecting with new interesting people. My preferred mode of connecting with new people is microblogging: I can be found at and & (for opensource alternatives). Of these Twitter is my current "de facto standard" of online discussions. Other social media services I use can be found via my Google Profile. Cheers, -Jaakko

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Bailout - Coming this January

I ran into this _super_ hilarious pseudo ad about the Big Three (automaker) bailout (thanks to my brother).

The picture of the ad is posted at the website of The Beast ( at . The main page of the newspaper is of course

Ps. This post was sent directly from Picasa. I want to check if/how email posting to Blogger works like this.. And realize that at least there's no way to make hyperlinks (as that should be done in HTML/Rich text, which Picasa email doesn't support). Hopefully at least the attached photo shows decently.