Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life Beyond Potomac River

I bumped into this old abandoned blog of mine when commenting to a blog elsewhere and being prompted to use my Google credentials for posting my comment.

This reminded me of this blog — and the fact that my life has been “beyond Potomac River” for over a year and a half now: In Haiti.

During this time I’ve been very inactive in social media and putting my effort more on “real life things” that take significantly more time and effort to get done (in Haiti).

I hope to post more often in the future (as a number of my friends and family members have requested). I “just” need to figure out if I’ll use this or some other blog to do that. .. And then do it.

Meanwhile — and in any case — you can peak into the things I do while in Haiti via my Facebook page, Twitter and–perhaps giving the best picture of my activities–by checking out my OpenStreetMap edits . My other online existence is most thoroughly accessed via my Google Profile.